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You go, Montana…

You go, Montana… – I am struck happy today by the number of school choice bills being considered nationwide. (Check out the “News and Views” section of for a great summary of daily news stories)

Today’s highlight comes from Helena (go Montana!) where advocates are seeking what would be Montana’s VERY FIRST school choice law. They remain one of only 8 states who do not offer public charters, tuition tax credits, etc. So I am pulling hard for these guys.

And wondering why anybody pays attention to the overtired and illogocal statement that offering students a choice of schools “takes money away from public education.” No, it doesn’t. Ever.

Public education is an investment that we make in a child’s education. Consider it money in the child’s backpack. What we are seeking is not to enrich “public education” as though it were a mutual fund. We are seeking to enrich the child. Laws that make the investment directly reponsive to the needs of every child reflect simple sanity.

If you are on Medicare and you choose to use your own doctor versus the county health clinic, that does not “drain the health system of resources.” Neither does choosing a private, online, home, or public charter school “drain” resources from public education.

You moving your child to a preferred school only drains resources from a school that is not educating your child. What would you pay them for?

So here’s to all of you in Helena and across the country who are fighting for choices in education… may sanity reign, and let us know how to help!

Rachel Steeves

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