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The New Normal…

The New Normal… – …is not. And thank God. Whatever shape education politics had a decade ago has exploded into a constantly shifting mass that now trends strongly toward school choice from all directions, with the strongest pull coming from Black voters.

I loved reading an interview with one of my heroes and one of the nation’s strongest voices for children, Reverend Reginald Jackson.

I hope you take that time to read both his interview and the New Jersey poll that follows.

Once again, the issue of school choice demonstrates a unique and fascinating constituency.

Black voters and Republicans are most highly favorable about school choices, and most likely to seek a school choice versus assignment for their own children.

Reverend Jackson, who heads the Black Ministers Council, may be the guy most singly responsible for this shift in New Jersey. His is a trusted voice…for all the right reasons.

The Reverend has been a consistent and compelling voice in statehouses, rallies, and churches across New Jersey and the country.

It is always a privilege to listen to him, and even moreso to consider the impact on thousand of children such a steady voice has had.

I know I am among hundreds of education reformers who consider some of the best advice they ever heard to be the words Reverend Jackson took the time to share with us.

Here’s to you, Reverend Jackson…with a heartfelt thank you!

Rachel Steeves

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