Georgia on My Mind

Georgia on My Mind

Georgia on My Mind – This week’s decision by the Georgia Supreme Court does not eliminate public charter schools in Georgia.

It is simply a devastating reminder of how incredibly wrong our state laws for funding students are.

And worse, how we wear out our best advocates through mind-numbing and repetitive defeats like this.

Read what Monise Seward – formerly a passionate advocate and now a bitterly disappointed leader who seems is taking her efforts elsewhere – has to say about this process.

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The time has come and gone and come again for states to quit funding districts, and to start funding students.

Money in backpacks, traveling to any school that will openly accept all students and report on their progress via state measurement systems.

Anything less will keep our systems grossly unequal, grossly underperforming, and will ultimately cause many of our children’s’ best advocates to throw up their hands and ask why they tried to set this right in the first place.

Georgia – and the entire Nation – can do better. Much better.…