Amazing Milton and Martin

Amazing Milton and Martin

Amazing Milton and Martin – I’m celebrating two of my favorite mentors who came to their unwavering belief in the power of school choice from two very different philosophies.

It’s why working for school choice is always the cool choice.

Milton Friedman and his wife Rose were classically liberal economists, the Authors of Free to Choose, and to my great hapiness were both personal mentors.

Spending time learning from them and simply having the opportunity to be with them in their home was a gift.

They were among the most generous teachers I have ever met.

Check out the Foundation for Educational Choice ( ) and if you are a 501c3, get ready to throw a party in honor of Milton’s 99th birthday…they will support your party!

And while we are throwing parties, let’s have one for Martin Perez!

Martin and his wife Patty Bombelyn founded the Latino Leadership Alliance in New Jersey ( ), where they advocate for school choice as one of many ways to advance the interests of the Latino Community, and are amazing and generous teachers in their own right.

Martin has just been appointed by Governor Christie to the Rutgers Board of Governors. He is the first Hispanic New Jerseyan to hold such a post, and there can be no better choice.

So Party with Milton or Party for Martin…can’t go wrong either way.…