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Speaking Freely…

Speaking Freely… – Isn’t easy, even among the best of friends.  

Our National School Choice Week coalition is hard at work … (sign on and get IN now for Jan. 24-30, 2012).  

While we meet this week during Freedom Fest in Las Vegas,  often the ONLY thing we have in common is our commitment to the rights of families to choose excellent schools run by excellent teachers. (check the group logos of those here for this planning session, just a fraction of the larger coalition!) 

I am always amazed as we plan for NSCW that we can see the world through such different social and political lenses.

We all work on issues of school choice, we all share what one friend calls “a narrow strip of agreement” which is school choice. But we see it differently.

We can be discussing exactly the same issues or events, and we see vastly different impacts or possibilities.

We disagree, we say intemperate things, we argue, we try again. We work it out, and we move ahead. Better, stronger, more committed for the struggle. 

That’s freedom for you. Messy, passionate, committed. I would frankly trust any of these people with my life.

Because when it comes down to it, our differences are minuscule compared to our shared vision for all children’s access to excellent education.

And these people just get it done. For all of us…different as we are. 

And that’s history in the making…be a part of it.  

Rachel Steeves

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