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School Choice…What is it?

School Choice…What is it? – Well, not to be overly simplistic, SCHOOL CHOICE is the act of choosing a school that meets the needs of your child.

Traditionally, families have been assigned to schools based on where they live.

In fact, families with sufficient resources choose the neighborhoods they live in, in order to be assigned to a good school.

That is actually a pretty active choice.

But school choice means actively choosing a school versus being assigned to one.

And it doesn’t matter what kind of choice that is, they can include private schools, public charter schools, online schools, home schools, special needs schools or even preschools.

School choice advocates believe in the rights of parents to choose a school that meets their child’s needs, and in the rights of teachers and all educators to create, manage, and/or choose to be employed in those schools.

The Education Breakthrough Network exists to explain and advance effective school choice…from its simplest definition here to our very detailed database here.

Rachel Steeves

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