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Indecent Decision

Indecent Decision – ” We understand the argument against using public funds for private, and especially parochial, schools. But it is parents, not government, choosing where to spend the vouchers. Given that this program takes no money away from public or public charter schools; that the administration does not object to parents directing Pell grants to Notre Dame or Georgetown; and that members of the administration would never accept having to send their own children to failing schools, we don’t think the argument is very persuasive. Maybe that’s why an administration that promised never to let ideology trump evidence is making an exception in this case. “


There is just no decent answer for why Congressional lawmakers and the President would prevent students from attending schools that work FOR THEM. At half the cost of the public schools that didn’t.

If Sidwell Friends is not demonstrably better than the local public school for the DC scholarship students, it can’t be better for the Obama girls. I can only assume that the Obamas did not read their administration’s assessment and suddenly decide to move their own children to the DC public schools.

Joel Klein is fond of asking crowds if they would be okay with letting him randomly assign their children to one of New York’s public schools. Ummm…no.

So if it’s not okay for our own children, it cannot be okay for somebody else’s. The US House votes the SOAR bill today that will renew the scholarship program in DC…weigh in with your Rep.

Rachel Steeves

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